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CCK Small Cleaver w/ Custom Handle
CCK Small Cleaver w/ Custom Handle
CCK Small Cleaver w/ Custom Handle

CCK Small Cleaver w/ Custom Handle

Item #: KF 1303 Tiger Maple
Our Price: $135.00
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The CCK Small Cleaver is a good introduction to those wanting their first Chinese chef knife. This particular knife features an upgraded handle from the stock barrel handle. It is made by our friendly woodworker Isaiah. Cleavers or Chinese chefís knives are called a Sangdao and they are a fast and effective blade for almost every chopping, cutting and slicing duty. This cleaver is made from carbon steel with a tough kurouchi finish. It requires extra care to keep from rusting. So it is vital to keep it clean and dry between uses.

The CCK Small Cleaver is our best selling cleaver at CKTG. It is a wonderful introduction to the world of Chinese chef knives. The blade is quite thin for a knife of this type and has a very sharp edge. There is a very slight belly to the edge profile which reduces the chance of the end sticking into the cutting board.

Sangdao are the perfect knives to quickly and precisely chop, julienne and slice meats and vegetables, but it will not cut any bones....so please donít try! This blade has a custom tiger maple and wenge handle.

  • Weight: 9.8 ounces
  • Blade Length: 214 mm (8.5")
  • Overall Length: 315 mm (12.5")
  • Thickness at Heel: 1.9 mm
  • Blade Height: 95 mm (3.75")
  • Customer Reviews
    Average rating is 5
    By:  Rich D
    This version of the CCK small cleaver offers up a fine handle worthy of this blade. With this handle,the cleaver is well-balanced at my index finger using a 3-finger grip pinch grip. With a 2-finger grip,the center of balance is a half-finger in front of my index finger. The handle is nicely sized,managing to satisfy my preference for the big and girthy,yet it was still comfortable for a friend who prefers handles with a slimmer profile. The walnut is well-finished,simultaneously smooth and sturdy in the hand.

    When I considered buying this version of the CCK 1303,I had no trouble justifying the price. To date,I haven’t found a cleaver I liked better than the standard 1303 at this price,so getting the handle upgrade at this price was a no-brainer. And it certainly removes the need to get the standard model and find a custom handle maker at the far higher custom handle price. This was my first order from Chef Knives to Go,and I found their reputation for fast order processing and shipping to be well-deserved. After using this cleaver for the last few days,I’m very satisfied with my purchase,and am considering getting another for a gift.
    By:  Gerardo J
    Super light cleaver,extremely sharp out of the box. Im putting away my Mercer and saying hello to the CCK. Shipping and service the best. It just took 3 days from Madison,WI to Vieques,PR. Thank you guys,you already are in my favorites.
    By:  Macmiddlebrooks
    After getting used to using a veg. cleaver via a $6 Asian market find,I felt like upping the performance a bit and ordered this version of the CCK. The handle is just fantastic and the blade itself is ridiculously thin. I sanded off the finish and lacquer,forced a patina and popped a fresh edge on to "finish". I’m very impressed with both the value and performance of these re-handled CCK’s.
    By:  Ryan
    Port Alberni,BC
    I have had one of the 1303 cleavers for about a year now and use it quite regularly. It holds an amazing edge and cuts like a dream. It is a real workhorse and makes short work of most tasks. I am in love with this knife!
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