Cutting Board Care, Wooden Cutting Board Basics, Treating Cutting Boards
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Cutting Board CareCutting Board Care

Cutting Board Care

You can lengthen the life of your cutting board by following these wooden cutting board basics. Treating cutting boards with care will allow for years of chopping, cutting and slicing pleasure.

1) Periodically (once every several weeks, depending upon the use and household conditions), apply an even coat of mineral oil to the work surface of your cutting board or butcher block. Sponge on with a rag and let dry.

2) DO NOT allow moisture of any type to stand on the block for long periods of time. Don't let fresh, wet meats lie on the block longer than necessary. Brine, water and blood contain moisture, which soaks into the wood, causing the block to expand, the wood to soften, and affects the strength, of the glued joints.

3) Use a good steel scraper or spatula after use, as necessary, to keep the cutting surface clean and sanitary. Do not use a steel brush on the cutting surface of your block or board.

4) DO NOT cut fish or fowl on the work surface of your butcher block, unless you have thoroughly followed the instructions in step the moisture barrier must be intact prior to cutting any type of fish, seafood, or fowl on the work surface of your butcher block. ALWAYS CLEAN THE BLOCK THOROUGHLY AFTER CUTTING FISH OR FOWL ON THE WORK SURFACE.

5) Be sure NEVER to cut continuously in the same place on the top of your block. Distribute your cutting over the entire work surface so that it will wear evenly. DON'T use a razor-edged cleaver. It will chip or splinter the wood and produce soft spots. Your cleaver should have dull sharpened edge for best results.

6) NEVER wash your block with harsh detergents of any type. DON'T wash your butcher's tools on your block.

7) At the conclusion of a day's work preparing meat or food on your butcher block, scraping the block will remove 75% of the moisture. After scraping, immediately dry thoroughly with an absorbent towel. This assures an odorless, clean cutting surface for the next day, and prevents premature quick deterioration of the work surface.

8) Maintain the same bevel on the edge of your block, as it had when you bought it. This prevents splitting or chipping of outside boards.

9) Your block, should be turned over periodically to allow even usage to both work surfaces.

Note: Butcher Block cutting boards are not dishwasher compatible.

Home > Knife Accessories > Cutting Boards > Cutting Board Care

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Cutting Board Care

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