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Blue Aoto 2000x Water Stone
Item #Blue Aoto 2000x Water Stone
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Blue Aoto 2000x Water Stone. Measures 51.6mm x 73.5mm x 215mm (It's a big stone) and weighs 1500g. The feel of it soft and is a joy to sharpen on. The stone is listed as a 2000 grit but it has a mix of synthetic and natural material and allows you to further refine the bevel and edge between your medium grit stones and a final finishing stone.

Average rating is 4.7
By:  Jesse
The stone is listed as 2k,but it seems closer to 5k to me. It’s a very very soft stone that gets muddy fast,and that mud is what will give almost a hazy mirror finish. The finish is actually quite beautiful and some people would surely prefer it to a polished mirror finish on the right knife. It’s a little tricky to get the soaking time right. Soak it too long,and it gets mushy,which you can fix by lapping with a diamond plate. It stains your fingers a dark dark blue. It can be pretty fun to sharpen with,if you like a soft muddy stone. You might want to wear latex gloves if you don’t like blue fingers though. It cuts much slower than I would expect for a 2k stone,especially one this soft. The cutting speed seems more like a 10k stone to me. I have used it to finish kitchen knives with good results.
By:  M. Pettersson
Santa Monica,CA
I have been using several differnt man made Aoto stones before. This one is superior the finish kasumi(mist) it leaves on the jigane (soft steel) are amazing. It’s super soft and a pleasure to work with,so much that I just refinished a few of my own knives just for fun. The cutting speed isn’t as great as other stones in the same grit though. This will definitly stay in my finishing arsenal.
By:  Donnie
Decent feedback. Not as soft as some might suggest. Still trying to see where it fits in the lineup but certainly feels finer than 2K. Excellent value in a mid-range stone.

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Blue Aoto 2000x Water Stone

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