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Bester 2000 Grit Water Stone - Click to enlarge
Bester 2000 Grit Water Stone
Item #Bester 2000x Water Stone
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Bester 2000 Grit Water Stone. Measures 205 x 75 x 25mm. The bester stones require soaking before use. This one is a really good stone if you want a single sharpening stone to use without going through a progression. It cuts well enough to put an edge on your knife but fine enough to leave a nice finish for good cutting performance.

Average rating is 4.8
By:  EJ
This is a nice stone. Fast cutting,doesn’t need much soak time and leaves a nice finish. One of the best mid range stones I’ve used.
By:  Erik
I got this stone in the bester arashiyama kit.

Its pink and feels great. the sound and feel of the stone is something to behold.

It works very fast and sets up the 6k stone wonderfully.
By:  Alwin Gaviola
White Plains,NY
This Bester 2000 grit is almost as smooth as the Bester 1200. I use this grit first before I got up to 6000 grit arashiyama extra wide. I feel as though there is no need to get the 2000 grit if you have the Bester 1200. both just work fine.
By:  M. Pettersson
Santa Monica,CA
I have been looking for an good mid rage stone for a while and just tested this one,great fast cutting and leaving a decent finish. It does need a good soaking before use. It was the first time I bought from CKTG and was really impressed by how well all my stones were pack and how fast they were shipped. I can’t remember how many times I have got stones from other places that has been cracked and chipped. I wish I could give a 6 star rating.

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Bester 2000 Grit Water Stone

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