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Bark Tanned Bovine Mag Pad 3
Bark Tanned Bovine Mag Pad 3
Bark Tanned Bovine Mag Pad 3

Bark Tanned Bovine Mag Pad 3" x 11"

Item #: Bovine Mag Pad
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This Bark Tanned Bovine Magnetic strop Pad is made to fit the HandAmerican honing base. Easy to use, you can strop with the leather only or load the pad with various pastes with excellent results.

Customer Reviews
Average rating is 5
By:  Aaron
Great strop I used mine unloaded and it took a few more passes to finish off the edge but it was worth it. Gave a very sharp edge.
By:  Sebastian
This is my favorite substrate for loading my favorite stropping compound,boron carbide paste from HanAmerican. Unfortunately,I only ordered one so I am going to have order another to load with chromium oxide paste.

My current m.o. is to abrade away the burrs with bare and then loaded felt strops/pads and then refine the edge with loaded bovine strops - works a treat!

For the ultimate finish,follow with the bare horse butt strop. But I usually prefer a toothy,fairly ’grabby’ edge so I mostly stop at boron carbide on bovine.
By:  Ron Miller
Using this really makes the difference. A couple of strops on this pad really puts the final edge on your blade. I put it on the dia-sharp diamond stone and it works fine.
By:  Mr.Magnus
Sweden Stockholm
Works great. use mine with 0.25 micron diamond spray. 5/5
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