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Takeda Classic Banno Funayuki 160mm
Takeda Classic Banno Funayuki 160mm
Takeda Classic Banno Funayuki 160mm

Takeda Classic Banno Funayuki 160mm

Item #: Takeda Classic Funayuki 160mm
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Takeda Banno Funayuki AS measures 160mm or about 7" on the blade. Master Blacksmith Shosui Takeda is a third-generation master blacksmith. Shosui Takeda was born and raised in Niimi, Okayama in Japan. After Shosui graduated from a university and worked in Tokyo, he returned to his hometown, Niimi, to succeed to his father, as a blacksmith. Since 1985 he has strived and studied to produce the very best hand-forged blades and tools. These knives use Hitachi Aogami Super Steel and have rosewood octagonal handles. Spine thickness at the heel is aproxiamtely 2.5mm and it weighs about 4oz but each one varies a little since they're hand made.

  • Weight: 3.8 ounces
  • Blade Length: 170 mm (6.75")
  • Overall Length: 305 mm (12")
  • Thickness at Heel: 2.4 mm
  • Blade Height: 50.1 mm

    ** If you are buying a saya: The specifications of Takeda knives can vary so we prefer to fit the saya to the knife at the time you purchase the knife. We may need to make the saya to fit the knife. This will delay shipping 7-10 days. We will contact you if this is necessary.

  • Customer Reviews
    Average rating is 5
    By:  Richard Platt
    Guildford UK
    A beautiful knife. It is made from Aogami Super Steel,which I can confirm takes and holds a fantastic edge! I certainly recommend Takeda knives.
    By:  Dimitris
    haven’t used it yet...but out of the box it is really sharp with great edge and handling...seems to be the perfect knife for a professional kitchen...!!!
    By:  stevieo
    wow!! this is one fine knife. this is junior version of my beloved takeda gyuto 240. this knife is another example of takeda perfection.
    By:  Victor Bellehumeur
    An absolutely fabulous knife. Very light and very thin.... Mine came through at 180mm and has become one of my favorite knives. Highly recommended!!
    By:  Robert Hodgson
    Ihave used this knife for about a year and like it so much that I bought another as a gift for a good friend
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