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Asagi Stone
Item #Asagi Stone
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This Asagi Japanese Water Stone measures 7.75" x 1.5" x 2.75" and weighs 3lbs 5oz. The stone is grey in color with a brown lacquer around the outside to protect the stone. The Asagi came from Tanaka Toishi in Kyoto. Takeda is not sure about which specific mine this Asagi was quaried from. Grit level is very high. Tanaka Toishi is one of the most famous natural stone shops in Japan. Takeda requested that Mr.Tanaka choose only smooth and good quality Asagi.
Average rating is 5
By:  Shawn J.
I got this stone mostly for my straight razors. So far I’m very pleased with it’s ability to polish my edges. I’m still working on it and enjoy it very much. This was also shipped to me VERY securely :)
By:  Glenn
St. Louis,MO
I bought this stone as my final finisher for my straight razors. I’m very happy with the smoothness of the edge that this stone provides. Very sharp and super smooth.
By:  Shane
Great stone. Leaves a very smooth polished edge on my straight razors. Great customer service too.
By:  Brighty83
This is a very big and uniform stones. I would say its a Lv 4.55 in hardness and itís a very slow cutter.

I would also say itís a very good pre-polisher for razors but not a polisher.

I would use this stone with a nagura or DMT Slurry for faster cutting. ĎIfí you are good with Japanese natural stones you could finish a knife on this but due to its hardness I wouldn’t get one for knives unless youíre experienced with natural stones.

Iím very happy with this stone!


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Asagi Stone

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