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Arashiyama 1000 Grit
Item #Arashiyama 1000 Grit
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This Arashiyama is 1000 grit and measures 225mm x 72mm x 23mm. This stone is a good basic stone that compliments the Arashiyama 6000 grit stone. It's hard, needs minimal soaking time and cuts fast. It also produces a nice mud. Since this stone has tight pores it dry's quickly and doesn't dish very fast. This is an excellent value for someone looking for a nice, inexpensive medium grit stone and a great price. Much better than the King 1,000 for only a few dollars more.

Average rating is 4.3
By:  chris
Cannot complain about this stone @ $35! Makes a surprisingly quick mud. To the touch the grit doesn’t feel like 1000 grit...maybe similar to my 4000 grit,but cuts nicely. Also,I like the fact it doesn’t soak up a bunch of water,constant splashing isn’t necessary.
By:  Cory
This stone is absolutely wonderful. It is smooth and has a really nice feel to it. Would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a solid 1k stone that doesn’t require a lot of splashing although it does work best with a short soak.
By:  Ozgur
This is harder than King 1k and dishes less. It feels much different than King 1k.Having said that,I don’t use either of these stones anymore anymore. I prefer Bester 1200 or Bester 1000 on single bevel knives like a yanagi. And Chosera 1k on most stainless steel double bevel knives,and Shapton 1k or 1.5k or 2k on carbon steel double bevel knives (as of August 2012). Please note that shapton 1k is too aggressive,it may be too much for an already sharp edge.
By:  Jeff
Makes a nice mud and has a good feel. Seems to dish slowly,doesn’t soak up a lot of water. Dries VERY fast when finished,like in a couple of hours instead of days. Very good stone for the money.
By:  J. Brown
Can be used as a splash and go. Cuts fast and dishes very slow. Doesn’t soak up a lot of water. Dries very quickly compared to other stones,couple of ours as apposed to days. Great stone for the price.
By:  Canadian
This is probably the most underrated stone. Short 5 minute soak and she is good to go. Water stones,even the most sought after,have their tradeoffs. Where the Arashiyama shines is in its ability to balance these tradeoffs to make for an excellent stone that is relatively fast,dishes slow enough,is easy to flatten,creates a nice,even and hazy finish ready for 5-8k finisher. The feel is excellent and it will create a lot of mud if you want it to. If you want something comparable to the Bester but without the need for soaking,this is your stone. It works great on all types of steels.

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Arashiyama 1000 Grit

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