Amakusa Natural Stone
Amakusa Natural Stone
Amakusa Natural Stone

Amakusa Natural Stone

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This a good middle grit natural stone (about 800-1,000 grit) and is commonly used in a 2 stone progression with a good natural finishing stone like the Ohira for kitchen knives. The stone is approximately 220mm x 70mm x 60mm and weighs approximately 5 lbs.
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4  Product Review, May 19, 2014
Posted By: IF - verified customer

Splash and go stone. Much faster on slurry than without.

Awesome on: old Euro carbon steel, stainless German X50CrMo15, cheap no-name steel, 8Cr13MoV.
Slow but usable on: Carbonext narrow bevel, Spyderco K390 (seems to like naturals somewhat).
Mostly ineffective on: VG-10 wide/flat bevel , Carbonext wide/flat, ZDP-189 anything. (I have not found a natural yet that likes ZDP-189 but VG-10 seems ok-ish with some natural finishing stones as long as the focus is on the edge.)

In other words if you only have cheap or standard German/Euro cutlery this stone (or the Binsui) might be the one stone ticket to sharpening. It will set a bevel quickly and finish better than factory. Will slice printing paper cleanly but not push cut.

AFAIK the Amakusa CKTG currently (Spring 2014) sells is sometimes known as medium grade. Higher grade has less waves, lower grade more (but can be prettier). For knives it probably won't matter. Some find the Amakusa unusable for razors. It probably could be used in a pinch but there are several better hard Nakado stones for that purpose.

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4  Product Review, October 12, 2013
Posted By: jason strobel - verified customer

a really good stone for the knives in my raw bar. we go thru an edge daily so this stone has been a great help setting and keeping the blade.

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5  Product Review, October 6, 2013
Posted By: Kyle - verified customer

Amazing stone I love this stone fast cutting slow wearing and produces a great edge everyone should own this stone.

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5  Product Review, June 30, 2012
Posted By: Bullman - verified customer

This stone is more than worth the money, cuts fast wears slow has that earthy smell I love if I ever wear it out on my 150th bday I will get another. I use it in a 3-4 stone progression depending on the knife and what I am cutting, wouldnt trade it for the world.

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5  Product Review, May 2, 2012
Posted By: Knife Fanatic - verified customer

Just added this stone to my line up, not out of necessity, but rather just for fun. I am absolutely amazed at this stone, for a few factors.

First, the stone is huge! If you won a Green Brick, then you'll know what I'm talking about. The patterns within the stone are absolutely beautiful, and look even better when the stone is wet.

It produces mud rather quickly, and cuts as fast as any other 1k I've used. For the price, you aren't going to find anything better. At least I haven't anyway.
""If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up. (Ferris Bueller.) :o) Solid 5 stars.

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5  Product Review, April 22, 2012
Posted By: Scott - verified customer

a wonderful and effective natural stone. Scuffed up with a 220 Atoma it cuts fast and very even. Let the paste break down, keep giving it an occasional splash and it will leave a very fine polish, maybe equal to 3-6k. Love it!!

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