Nubatama Ume 60 Grit
Nubatama Ume 60 Grit
Nubatama Ume 60 Grit

Nubatama Ume 60 Grit

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Nubatoma 60 Grit Stone 205mm x 75mm x 50mm Here is a short review of the stone by Pro Sharpener Ken Schwartz: I had a chance to try out the 60 Grit Nubatama UME waterstone and did it on video. I did this video straight out of the box unused, so you get to see my first impressions of the stone. In this video, I am demonstrating and using the 60 grit Nubatama Stone. It is a member of the Ume or Plum series of Nubatama stones, the coarsest grit in the series. An extremely versatile stone, capable of being used for rough work, including tip repairs, major knife edge reshaping, and stone flattening. The speed of this stone for these tasks is PHENOMENALLY FAST, accomplishing it as quickly as a belt grinder might do it but with NO heat involved.

This 60 grit stone does not dish quickly, is porous and accomplishes it's tasks extraordinarily fast. This is easily the finest quality ultra coarse stone I have ever used.

I also demonstrate a technique for quickly deploying a stone normally soaked for a bit immediately using a water drip from the sink. And a means of deburring using the stone you are sharpening with without resorting to breaking off the burr ...

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